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The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

Taking action fast can be greatly rewarded!


Recently, we started to offer a new product.

A few days later, we offered a deal for our Boninian Grove Coffee Club members (which you should be a part of!).

This coffee machine is already sold at the best price on the market for $129. However, we wanted to thank our members by selling it for a weekend only $99. This deal is VERY good!

However, due to a technical mistake, the first person who took advantage of this deal was in for a CRAZY DEAL. Instead of selling the machine for $99, the coupon amount was for $99.

So this person paid her coffee machine around $30. Obviously, it was our mistake so we honored the deal.

The moral of this story is that fast action takers are sometimes very well rewarded like this!

Another early adopter situation is arising!

As you may or may not know, we have a subscription plan service and it hasn’t been tested much yet. Thus, we are looking for volunteers to use it!

If a mistake occured, it would benefit you.

Here’s an example of this subscription plan. By going to a product page, you will choose the quantity and the recurring period. The default setting is none so that there’s no subscription. If you want to add a different product to your order, you click on add to cart and go to the other ptoduct. Then, you decide if you want this product in arecurring order or only for the order you are doing.

Subscription plan Bonini Coffee

Planing coffee orders is a mundane task. By using the subscription plan, you will avoid it and you might even win bigger as an early adopter!

Everything should be working fine and we need your help to test it! 😆

Jo and Seb from Bonini Coffee







Seb and Jo

The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

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For all general inquiries, please contact us at

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