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The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

Nespresso Pro compatible coffee capsules: A Bonini Coffee exclusivity!


In the Nespresso coffee capsules world, there are 3 types of different capsules.

First, there’s the OriginalLine which we offer compatible capsules. Those coffee capsules are well known and give great espresso. Here’s a video showing this type of capsule and starring Sebastien who tries to seduce you with his eyes at the end!

Did he succeed to charm you? 😆

Then, there are the VertuoLine capsules that are impossible for us (or any other company) to create compatible capsules because Nespresso has a patent that will be effective for many years to come…


Finally, there are the Nespresso Pro coffee capsules for commercial Nespresso coffee machines: Genius, Gemini, and Aguila.

In Canada, Bonini Coffee is the only one to offer Nespresso Pro compatible coffee capsules.

Nespresso Professional Espresso 100% Arabica

We are the leaders in compatible coffee capsules, even for commercial use

Here’s a video showing the use of our Nespresso Pro compatible coffee capsules.

Are you a restaurant manager, a hotel manager, or any other commerce that serves coffee with Nespresso Pro machines? If so, we can help you save money and provide great coffee to your clients!

The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

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