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The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

Nespresso Pods : A Certain Controversy


Recently, a Nespresso pods fan wrote a comment on one of our Facebook publication. This person gave his opinion. We wanted to highlight this story because we think that it’s important that you know us and the company we represent better.

Here’s what that person had to say about our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules:

Here’s the answer we had for this gentlemen.

“Thanks for your suggestion M. X.

Tiziano Bonini has its own system (coffee machines) that are very popular in Italy. Obviously, for the North American market, we want people to keep their coffee machines by providing them compatible coffee capsules. We respect your loyalty with this brand. Here’s the Bonini song featuring our own coffee system!”

We are aware that some people will always be loyal to the original brand.

If you are willing to try a coffee that has a great quality-price ratio, Tiziano Bonini is there!

Yes, I want to try Tiziano Bonini’s compatible Nespresso Pods!
Tiziano Bonini is so big in Italy that they have big coffee chains that don’t exist in North America.

In conclusion, we respect the competition and their intellectual property. In fact, we don’t offer Vertuoline coffee capsules because they are still patented. However, we believe in offering great quality products that are compatible with different coffee machines to avoid a monopoly. We believe in a diversified market where the customer is the winner!

The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

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