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The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

Sweetening your coffee with Monk Fruit


A lot of people like to sweeten their coffee. For health reasons, a lot of people want to use natural substitutes for sugar. We often hear about stevia or maple syrup for that purpose but have you ever heard of Monk Fruit? It’s great idea for the keto diet or any other healthy way of eating.

Monk Fruit which is also called Swingle fruit, Luo han guo or his Latin name Siraita grosvenorii is a very interesting option as a natural sweetener for your coffee.

This fruit which originates from southern China has sweetening properties which are 150 to 200 times stronger than sugar. In comparison, Stevia has sweetening properties which are 200 to 400 times stronger than sugar. So you must use it sparingly.

Why is it called Monk Fruit you might ask? Simply because monks have been cultivating this small melon fruit for centuries.

The sweetening effect of Monk Fruit is attributed to mogrosides which are antioxidants. This is interesting because Monk Fruit is a natural sweetener without sugar and it is known to have almost no effect on blood sugar.

Another advantage of monk fruit is that you can find it in different forms such as:

-fresh fruit

-dried fruit

-powder (used to sweeten your coffee)

The only inconvenience of monk fruit powder is his higher price compared to sugar (like any other natural and whole sweetener).

Will monk fruit become the next stevia?

Let’s see!

Monk fruit and espresso are a great combo

The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

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