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The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

Will compatible coffee capsules break my Nespresso machine?


Will compatible coffee capsules break my Nespresso machine? This is a great question to ask. After all, you have bought your Nespresso coffee machine at a high price and you want to protect it from any problem. That’s totally understandable!

The other question that a lot of people ask is “if I use Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, will my Nespresso coffee machine’s warranty be invalid?

Those two questions must be addressed properly before buying Nespresso compatible coffee capsules to either save money or try a new company or new flavors.

Recently we proudly made a post on Facebook inviting people to taste our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules because Tiziano Bonini is a great and legit Italian coffee company.

Then, a person wrote a comment attacking us and the second part (we will come back to the first part later in this post) was this: “…Anyone who uses these in a Nespresso machine should know that their warranty will be invalid.”

Was that comment true or false?

Well, that was false. In a French antitrust probe, Nestle had to “agree” with the French Competition Authority on this with their company Nespresso:

“Nespresso has agreed to refrain from discouraging the use of competitors’ capsules and will also extend the warranty on its coffee machines even if a customer has used non-Nespresso capsules, the authority said.”

Obviously, with such a statement, it’s obvious that large and legit companies like Tiziano Bonini produce Nespresso compatible coffee capsules that are safe for Nespresso coffee machines and fit perfectly. We even call Tiziano Bonini capsules the holy grail of coffee capsules and made a joke about it.

Tiziano Bonini doesn’t do Nespresso Vertuoline compatible coffee capsules because they are patented for many years to come. Here’s the comment of this person in its whole because the Nespresso Vertuoline patent subject leads us to the first part of it that we didn’t cover previously.

So the person writes: “I don’t purchase anything that copies another businesses product. That is blatant plagiarism and taking advantage of someone else’s hard work.”

While it’s true that this company made research and development (which we respect), as a consumer, do you want to have access to a market with a competition or a monopoly? The answer is obvious whether it’s for coffee, prescription drugs or any other goods.

That being said, Tiziano Bonini has its own coffee machines and its own research and development department.

Finally, as a consumer, do you want to spread the truth or fear induced from a marketing campaign message that the French Competition Authority anti-trust probe destroyed?

If you want to know more truth, join the Boninian Grove Coffee Club! 😃😃😃

Jo and Seb

The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

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