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The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

A great alliance between Bonini Coffee Canada and a grocery group!


We often get asked if Bonini Coffee products are available in physical outlets. Since our company has existed the answer has always been no. In Canada, our products have always been only available online.

However, things have changed and our products are now available in the province of Quebec in Epicia group grocery stores. The Epicia group includes 11 grocery stores in Quebec including 4 Le Jardin Mobile branches, 4 Le Marché Végétarien branch, 2 Jardin du Mont branch, and one Corneau Cantin branch. This group, which employs 400 people, applies its mission wonderfully, which is as follows:

“To be the benchmark in Quebec as a retailer specializing in the sale of fresh products and related to the pleasures of the table by offering a distinctive and warm human shopping experience.”

It is also due to the feedback of a survey sent to our clients and due to this agreement with the Epicia group that the members of our Boninian Grove club receive every Wednesday the promotion of the week. One of our products ended up in a grocery flyer recently and we wanted to create a similar concept online. Whether you buy from an Epicia group store or from our website, you will have access to exclusive quality Italian coffee at a competitive price!

If you want Café Bonini products to be found in more grocery stores, ask for our products where you shop. Otherwise, we will still remain a closely guarded secret.

It doesn’t matter whether you want our products to be little known or to become known. However, we encourage you to support us for free by letting us know your satisfaction with our products here. Those who do it will have a surprise from us!

The Holy Grail of exclusive Italian coffee available to you!

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